Using the cPanel File Manager

The cPanel File Manager is a web-based file manager that has many features similar to other popular desktop file managers, such as Windows Explorer and Mac OS X Finder. You can browse directories, as well as copy, rename, and move files. You can upload and download files, and there are several ways to edit files.

Read the following articles to learn about the various File Manager features in greater detail

Getting Started with File Manager

Start with the basics here and learn how to use the cPanel File Manger to do essential file management tasks.


CPanel offers several ways to view and edit your web site files directly on the web server.

Upload and Download Files

Learn how to use cPanel's File Manager to transfer files quickly between your web site and your computer.

File Permissions

Setting the right file permissions is important for your web site's functionality and security. Learn about file permissions and how to set them in this article.

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