Web hosting disk space and monthly transfer limits, bandwidth, RAM etc. can sometimes be confusing. Particularly with conversions between Kilobytes, Megabytes, Gigabytes and Terabytes.

As a web hosting company, we hear questions like these a lot;

  • How many MBs are there in a GB?
  • Is 1 GB equal to 1000 or 1024 MB?
  • How many MBs are there in a Terabyte? etc.

With help of this simple MB to GB converter and the short article explaining all the units, I hope to make things simpler for you.

Convert Bytes to KB, MB, GB and TB

You can use the following converter to easily convert any measure of disk space or bandwidth to the other easily.

Just add a value for either Bytes, Kilobytes, Megabytes, Gigabytes or Terabytes and the tool will calculate the rest for you, on the fly.

What is a Byte (B)?

In a computer, information is stored as bits and bytes, at the smallest scale. A bit is too small to be of much use. 8 bits grouped together make one Byte.

A Byte therefore, is one of the two smallest units of measurement used to measure data.

What is a Kilobyte (KB)?

A Kilobyte is a unit of measure for digital storage or data, which is equal to 1024 Bytes.

Some decades ago, a Kilobyte used to the most popular unit of measurement for data, but since the volume of information has increased significantly, it has been replaced by Gigabyte as the most popular one.

What is a Megabyte (MB)?

A Megabyte (MB) is a unit of data measure equal to 1024 KBs or 1,048,576 Bytes.

What is a Gigabyte (GB)?

The most popular unit of measure – particularly in the web hosting industry – these days, the Gigabyte (GB) is equal to 1024 MBs or 1,048,576 KB.

What is a Terabyte (TB)?

A Terabyte is a unit of data measure which is equal to 1024 GBs or 1,048,576 MBs.

Why Does my Hard Drive Have Less Space Than that Advertised?

To a hard disk manufacturer, one KB is 1000 bytes, one MB is 1000 KB, and one GB is 1000 MB.

Which is technically an accurate definition given the prefixes; Kilo meaning 1,000, etc.

Given that definition, if a hard disk is advertised as 1TB, it contains 1 * 1000 * 1000 * 1000 * 1000 = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes of space. The hard disk manufacturer therefore, advertises it as a 1TB hard drive.

When actually, the 1 TB hard drive would be able to store only 931 GB or 0.909 TB of actual data.

Manufacturers of RAM however, do not manufacture their products in even groups of 1,000. When you’re buying memory, a KB is 1024 bytes, an MB is 1024 KB, and a GB is 1024 MB.