Is it possible for a web hosting provider to affect your rank in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)? Most certainly, yes. Good web hosting companies ensure that your site is available at all times, hosted on speedy servers with no poor-reputation scam sites on your server.

Web Hosting Reliability

Search engines take into account the availability of your website when they rank it. Obviously, if your website is not accessible when the search engine robot tries crawling your page, you won’t get ranked for anything. Fortunately, most web hosting service providers aren’t that unreliable. However, some SEO experts still believe that regular downtime is factored into computing your rankings. If they are correct, search engines may knock you down a few places in the event your website isn’t up when the robot visits it.

Web Hosting Speed

While reliability and the importance of a 100% uptime might be debatable, it is a known fact that major search engines take page load times into account. A faster loading page means higher search rankings, period. While there are a lot of things you can do to optimize your website and improve load times, you cannot fix a slow web hosting provider on your own. Sadly, there are quite a few cheap web hosting providers who will overload their servers to maximize profits. This practice results in the unnecessary slowing down of your website among other problems.

Search engines care about website speeds your visitors care. Visitors tend to enjoy faster loading websites more, so search engines will often rank such websites higher. Search engines figure that if a website loads faster, they’re making an effort to offer a better user experience for their visitors.

Since page load speeds affect user experience as well as SERP rankings, a fast web hosting provider can also help your organic SEO efforts. Quick loading pages (specifically, the better user experience they bring) make it more likely that people link to your website and recommend it via their social channels. Since being popular is the best kind of SEO, take care that a slow web hosting provider doesn’t hurt your website’s popularity.

Finally, here is what Google has to say on the subject of how website speed factors in web search ranking. There are some good suggestions and tools listed on the page, do use them and happy reading!