I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I’m not really in it for the website. While I love running my website, and while I love knowing that my work is being read by thousands of people around the globe, the real reason I work online is that I want to become famous. Like a celebrity. Like Robert Downey Jr…

So you’re probably thinking that I’m crazy. Or at best, at least a little naive. How does working online equate to fame? Well actually I have a very good plan in place, and it’s something that I think most people could emulate if they wanted to. Read on to see how a website is going to make me, and could make you, famous.

Step One

Step one in my grand master plan is to build my website up to be as successful as it possibly can be. That means working really hard, making it really good, and following all the advice that’s available online.

At the same time I’m going to be putting myself at the forefront of my brand. My face is going to be on the banner, my voice is going to be prominent in the articles, and I’ll be posting lots of regular YouTube videos so that people can see me in action.

In a way this already equates to a kind of fame: only recently I was spotted in a queue for a river cruise and the ticket inspector let me jump the line! That felt pretty VIP…

Step Two

Step two is simple. Once my site is big enough and successful enough that it’s bringing in a lot of money, I’m then going to slightly move the focus onto the me part of it so that this is then the main purpose of the site. This will mean posting tons of new videos on a daily basis and paying for advertising that again features myself prominently.

I’ll also start reaching out to people and asking if they want me to record videos for their site, or lend my ‘authority’.

If I release enough videos over time and enough content, then eventually it will be practically impossible to search in my niche without finding something with my face on it or my voice. It’s then only really going to be a matter of time until someone important notices and I end up being asked to be in a documentary, or perhaps to host a short program. Once that happens I can then hire an agent and add that string to my bow.

Don’t think it can happen? Well to date I’ve been featured in one commercial, one documentary and one newspaper article. I’ve also written for three magazines in my niche, and generally my name has become synonymous with the topic.

The point is that the internet is a powerful tool. It’s not just useful for launching websites – it’s also useful for what those websites can do for you. So think big, and dare to dream. The web will make it possible…