Selling domain names to savvy individuals who regularly parlay on social media monsters such as YouTube and Twitter has it’s advantages – they’re looking for methods to monetize or sell domain names like you, purchase new ones, or at least make an honest buck somewhere down the line. Since entrepreneurs are consistently looking for domains to score on the cheap, you can easily cash in on your followings if you can manage to uphold rudimentary business ingenuity and panache when it comes to making something already good even better.

Follow these steps below to creatively mix Twitter with YouTube to realize your goals to sell domain names does have potential.

Elevate YouTube Channels

If you specialize in a particular niche, keep this in mind when reading this optimization technique.  Whether or not you have videos, the first step is to optimize your YouTube URL into something that’s easily recognizable by search engines. Not only will sharing your videos be necessary across Twitter, you’ll want them searchable since Google’s new algorithm updates include video titles and descriptions which are keyword optimized.

Therefore, having a URL that is significant to your niche and includes the title of the channel in your description is necessary; also, have keywords that are significant to your title and description ready for step 2.  This will assure quick indexing through Google and more potential viewers when you begin to prepare videos for uploading.

Preemptively Strike Twitter Followers

When your YouTube channel is completely ready to go, begin to approach your Twitter followers that have products to sell relevant to the channel you just created and offer video tutorials or commercials that you can put into your channel; you’ll do them a service in giving consumers the ability to physically see your product or service in action, and you can create the video right from home for great pay.

Video marketing costs can be tremendous which is why you’ll offer the service for a fraction of the cost.  What’s even sweeter is that you are approaching businesses with niche channels that are already optimized for your products since you created a niche-specific YouTube channel. If your following is small, you can easily hash tag search to easily sell domain names directly to niche specific candidates.

Create Videos with Your Contact Information

Video marketing already is the imminent concentration of domain pushing efforts for individuals seeking specific buyer groups; when creating your video, you’ll have the opportunity to creatively embed personal contact information within the video at different segments of the presentation. Make sure to follow each specific instruction given because much of your future domain sales will rely on your pivotal word usage and clarity when attempting to sell domain names.

The final part of the video will be a creative 5-15 second long screen with your company logo on the top three-quarters of the video while the lower quarter will include your Twitter handle and either email or site address.  Once you have completed your video and uploaded it to your channel, optimize the title and description to perfection and include specific keywords while adding your URL to the description. This step is vital for search engine visibility and cannot be forgotten as you’ll blow your potential search engine prominence to smithereens.

Tweet YouTube Links

Take the final YouTube linkage of your video and Tweet it with title and description to your following; you will see even more protuberant results by hash tagging each keyword and title since millions search Twitter daily for people that sell domain names, particularly of higher value. Make sure that you’ve given the business your video link as they’ll assist you in Tweeting and sharing the link as in-depth sharing is what will effortlessly make your video search engine friendly in an expedient manner. Finally, once you’ve collected your payment for this service, see to it that you ask for testimonials for your own portfolio.

Wrapping Up

You can make endless YouTube channels in different niches and offer video marketing or video product presentations for limitless companies.  Using Twitter as your backbone to promulgate your skills to potential business customers will be a win-win across the board, giving your once boring social media fixations more profitability than ever before; just remember to remain aggressive yet factual in offering your video skills to potential business clients and never take work that you cannot complete.

You’ll find the pay rate for video presentations, marketing or testimonials to be convincing enough to instill strong efforts into approaching potential Twitter domainers interested in ads portending why you sell domain names and more about your business in general.