We’ve often heard how black hat SEO is an evil thing, and that we should avoid it like the plague. However, that’s not entirely true. Remember that black hat SEO is defined as any marketing technique which is against any search engine’s guidelines, and employing these kinds of techniques will most likely get your site penalized or even banned from an index.

However, it’s also worth mentioning that black hat SEO has a few things to teach us on how to implement an effective SEO campaign. In fact, there are several alternative tricks to convert black hat SEO techniques in a white hat way. The idea is to simply convert what would normally be considered black hat SEO techniques into something that most search engines are willing to accept. It won’t be easy but it can be done. So if you’re looking for fresh new ways to implement SEO, here are 3 tips that will allow you use certain aspects of black hat SEO to optimize your SEO campaign.

Paid Links

First of all, let’s discuss paid links. When you buy or sell links that pass PageRank, you are effectively violating Google’s guidelines, which means that this particular tactic can be considered a black hat technique. Paid links tend to be anchor texts which are often surrounded by links to various low quality sites. If Google were to find such links, the result will almost certainly be penalization.

There is, however, one way to use paid links without necessarily using black hat tactics. For example, you can sponsor an event using a link. You can also set up Google Alerts to send you items that can help you find legitimate paid links. By using these special techniques, you will be able to use paid links to optimize your site without necessarily violating Google’s rules.

Comment Spamming

Next, we have comment spamming and this method is all about numbers. By posting a hundred comments per blog post, spammers are hoping that one will get through unnoticed and with it, a link to their sites. This type of black hat technique used to be a simple thing to do, but these days, due to stricter controls, spammers can longer spam worthless comments on hapless blogs and sites.

However, this SEO technique is not entirely worthless. The problem with comment spamming is that it is spam. It offers no actual value. If, on the other hand, your comments offer something useful to people then posting comments can be a useful tool in improving your site’s visibility on the search engines. To do this, you will actually need to take your comments seriously. Don’t post them just so you can post a bunch of links to your site. Instead, try to build up a reputation and a consistent presence. Once people are aware of you and what you have to offer, they will be more willing to click on the links of your comments. They might even link back to some of the content that you’ve made.

Expired Domains

Finally, we have expired domains. There are a lot of expired websites out there, but even though they have been abandoned, many of the links that they’ve acquired over time still remain. This is why a certain black hat technique involves buying up expired domains and redirecting them to a particular site. Because these sites still have plenty of links, linking them to one’s own site means that you can make use of the links acquired by such expired domains. However, the reason why Google frowns upon this sort of practice is that they don’t like site owners linking to random domains that has nothing to do with the subject of their own websites.

However, you can convert this black hat technique into white hat tactic by buying up expired domains which are relevant to your niche. As long as the expired domain is relevant to your site’s niche then there’s nothing wrong in buying up an expired domain and building it out. For example, if you have a website about fishing supplies, you can purchase a defunct domain about antique fishing equipment. You can then resurrect these kinds of sites, while making slow changes on its content. At some point, when the expired site’s content becomes useful for your own site’s visitors, you have the option linking back to several sections of your own money site, thus increasing your own rankings.

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Bernard Naylor is an Online Manager for Right Lawyers – Divorce Attornies who are experts in Las Vegas. They help clients with their divorce cases, family law matters, and car accident claims. He also likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.