A LinkedIn Business Page (or Linkedin Company Page) is a little different from your professional profile. You have different options – not necessary more options, and you have to think of ways to use them to your benefit. Before you get started, you will need to figure out exactly what it is about your business that you wish to showcase. This is important especially if you already have a business website (what company doesn’t? ).

Now imagine that you have managed to get people to click to your site. If they see content that is more or less similar to what they found on your LinkedIn business page, things could get a little boring. Your visitors might want to click away seeing that there is nothing new. This is, assuming your objective was to get people to your site. It does not necessarily have to be so. You could use your Page as another site inside a professional network. Eventually, the customers would have to visit your website, but then they would have a definite purpose – to buy your service and not just look around. In any case, connect your site to your LinkedIn Page by inserting a LinkedIn button.

To reiterate, focus on your objective, ask yourself what you wish to accomplish with your linkedin business page (apart from the obvious networking) and get started.

Project Your Image

There are three image options – a large canvas that you can use like the Facebook Cover Image, and two logos, one standard and one square. Make sure your logo files are optimized and re-sized correctly so that there is zero distortion. The larger photo can showcase your company image or objective. Get creative so that visitors stop and take a look.

Brand Yourself

The logos give you enough opportunity to project your brand. You need to decide whether you want a uniform presence over all social networks. LinkedIn may be a professional network, but it is definitely social as well. Do you want your LinkedIn Page to bear the same logo and image as your Facebook Page or your Twitter profile? Or do you want to make it completely different and put the emphasis on one particular aspect of your business? Your strategy must take into account all your social platforms. Give it some brainstorming and make the necessary changes (where applicable) to all images that represent you, in all social circles.

Place Yourself

You have the option of naming up to 5 locations for your business. Make the most of that because search options include searching by location.

Package yourself

People tend to trust service providers with testimonials from clients they can identify. Everyone knows about the fake testimonials on merchant sites selling Clickbank products. Here, you can ask for recommendations from real people who could bring in visitors and clients through their connections. No matter what level the connection happens to be, there is no doubt about the fact that the person is real, and visible right there on LinkedIn. This adds to your credibility and goodwill. Present yourself as a complete package with services and satisfied customers. If you are starting out, do whatever it takes to get recommended – we don’t mean underhand techniques – simple requests to your connections through the official LinkedIn channel should be enough to begin with. Free sample can come later if you wish.

Get Found

Keywords are still keywords although the stuffing is out. Do your keyword research and insert them in a natural flow in whatever text there is on your Page. Without this very important step, you cannot rank on LinkedIn SERP. Treat this part as standard SEO practice.

Monitor Yourself

Use the Insights. They are your LinkedIn Analytics, and they will show you if you are doing it right. Again, use this feature as you would while optimizing your website.

Advertise yourself

This is an expensive option, true, but one that needs serious consideration. LinkedIn ads are focused, all the more so because the entire network is focused, unlike normal social sites. If you can afford it, definitely allot funds for advertisements.

These are the basic, but there’s much more that you can do to make your Linkedin Business Page unique. Ask your employees to maintain complete profiles on LinkedIn and showcase the best of them so that your prospective clients know who they will be dealing with. Focus heavily on the products and services tab and present your unique selling proposition along with your wares. Do a cross platform promotion of your Page on all social networks you are active on. Tweet and post your latest updates on Twitter and Facebook.

Above all, don’t sit back and relax too frequently. Be it a social presence or a professional one, people like to see that you are active. Schedule updates and keep spreading the word. This is a lot of work – nobody said it would be easy – but the difference is in the payoff. You are already amongst people looking for your services. A little effort on your part could go a very long way. Imagine what more than a just a little effort could do for your business!