Social media gets a lot of hype for both personal and professional use. Just like anything else in the world that becomes popular, people are going to spread rumors that just aren’t true. Myths are formed from people who have had a negative experience, didn’t do something right, or even was a victim of mis-communication. We are here to help you get it right the first time by debunking some of the most popular myths that have circulated about social media and content marketing.

1.) My Customers Don’t Use Social Networking

Depending on what your business is, some people make the common misconception that their business doesn’t need to participate in social networking because their customers don’t use social networking. New studies show that no business should be using this as an excuse not to use social networking because 72% of all adults who are on the Internet are using social networking. When the demographics are broken down, people of all ages including the elderly have joined Facebook and are doing business online.

2.) There’s No Way To Tell If You Are Getting Results

Some businesses avoid social networking because it requires a lot of time and effort to create social networking and they don’t think there is any way to know if the social networking is responsible for the results they are getting. The truth is, you can measure the efforts of social networking, but you have to take the initiative to set it up. You can monitor your traffic through links or other various sources to see just how effective your social networking site is.

3.) Social Media Is Only For Reaching New Customers

Most people believe that social networking can only be used to gain new customers, but the truth is that is only an added bonus. Your business shouldn’t build social networking or content marketing just to reach out to new customers, the truth is you are trying to build a better relationship with your current ones. When you use social networking or content marketing, you are opening new lines of communication with your existing customers. If you happen to gain new customers along the way, you are just getting one of the many bonuses that comes with social networking.

4.) You Should Only Respond To The Good

When you open up your business to social networking, your content is bound to be both negative and positive. Obviously your business should be only posting positive content, but there is the possibility that someone else will post negative comments on your social networking site. Some people believe you should only respond to the positive and ignore the negative, but the truth is you want people to see that your organization cares enough to respond to problems.

5.) Content & Social Networking Have Nothing In Common

Some people believe that social networking and content only have the Internet in common, but the truth is, you can’t have one without the other. If you get involved in social networking, without content it is just a blank page. In order for your social networking site to be successful, you have to have content that is going to draw in your customers and keep them engaged in conversation.

6.) Your Content Should Only Be About Your Product

Most businesses believe that their content marketing should only be about the services they are offering or the product that they sell, but the truth is you also have to sell your business by itself. Sometimes the product is only as good as the company that is selling it. If you want to be effective, you are going to want to sell yourself first and then your product or service.

Social networking and content marketing are valuable to your business and to your customers. You can improve relationships with your customers, you are going to see positive results for your business. Before you can be successful with social networking and content marketing, you need to make sure the information you are getting is accurate so you don’t end up making big mistakes. Now that you know the truth about these popular online practices, you can jump into a world of communication and the wonder of the world wide web to expand your business and its practices for the better.

Author Bio:

Derek Fraser is an online manager for luxury rehab center. He likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.