Although we’ve many SEO tools that can be used to give a higher rank to a web page, many people still don’t get the idea properly. If you’ve not used SEO techniques before, we can tell you 5 ethical SEO strategies to bring more visitors to your site. We know that Google is now very strict about the SEO techniques and can punish for the unethical SEO practices. But the strategies we’ll mention won’t hurt your website’s existence or ranking anyhow. Implementing an SEO strategy is fair enough as long as you don’t breach the policies and principles announced by Google.

1. The Power of Content

The content represents your thought process, creativity and your ability to understand the reader. When you interact with a huge number of readers through the content, and they find it interesting, it means you’ve been able to connect to the reader’s psychology and offer a solution. Good posts also get lots of links from the authority sites. A good content shows your hold of a subject and also builds trust. Get expertise in one or two subjects. When you continue exploring different aspects of a same subject, you come up with new ideas or new things to talk about. A well written content with an interesting perspective is bound to get some attention from the readers. When you create a very powerful content and get a good response from the visitors, you gain social shares.

2. Link to Build Relationship

In business, relationships are invaluable. You’ve to understand that SEO is a collaborative effort. If you want to rank well in the search engines, you’ve to build relationship with the established site owners. Getting good quality links are not easy. As Google constantly monitors the links you’re getting, you’ve to be very cautious about their quality. You may have to give lots of time initially. Try to connect to the influencing bloggers or internet marketers online. Attend offline events. Help others.

3. Try to Add Images, Videos or Slides to Your Content

Traffic won’t come to your site on its own. You’ve to attract the readers. You’ve to make things convenient and attractive for the readers. Images or videos are seen as more powerful than the boring words. If you can create your own videos or capture photos all by yourself, that’s most desirable. Images have to be clear and should also describe a story. And when you do that, you get more traffic. When readers come across a beautiful image, they stop and take a moment to find out what it’s about. This is how you draw their attention. You can also change photos to update the posts and add some more value to the content. When you get some better images or videos, swap them with the bad ones.

4. Transcript to Rank Well

If you’ve used videos in your images, use transcriptions to represent the idea in a text format and make it more visible to the search engines. Actually search engines can’t find out what exactly is there in the videos. This is why it’s your responsibility to make the content more search engine friendly.

5. Attract Quality Inbound Links to Convince Google and Rank Higher

Never underrate the importance of inbound links. A good number of inbound links from authority sites are equally powerful. If you’ve a fairly new site, search engines won’t find you so easily. You need an additional boost to recover from this situation. And inbound links from established sites can help you with that. With the help of the inbound links, the search engines will track you and find you. It won’t be wrong to say that if you ignore the inbound links, you’ll simply lose traffic. Even readers are driven by the perception that the links associated with the authority sites also come from a reliable source. Because of this reason, they tend to follow the links available on the established sites. This is why we say that try to get quality links if you can. It’ll seem tough initially, but will be easier over time.

Try these 5 ethical SEO strategies to bring more visitors to your site. Google will have no objections to these initiatives. These SEO strategies will make your work easier. Plus, internal linking can also do a great job and help you rank higher. Focus on having a good number of both inbound and outbound links.

Author Bio:

Allan is an online manager for Cjponyparts – CJ Pony Cobra Kit. He like to blog on various online strategies that are related to SEO, PPC & Lead Generation