What is PageRank?

PageRank is named after Larry Page and it is a complex, patented algorithm that evaluates links throughout the internet. These links that point back to your site are given specific weight. After the links are evaluated and their weights combined, your pages are assigned a number between zero and 10. Higher pagerank sites are viewed as authoritative and when they link to your website/page, it can help improve your Pagerank.

PageRank affects a few factors in the success of your pages. Google tends to crawl sites more frequently when the sites have a higher PageRank. A higher PageRank also means that more sites are linking to your pages. This means that your site is more popular tahn another ith lower Pagerank than yours.

Does PageRank Really Matter Anymore?

Unfortunately, SEOs started giving much more value to PageRank than to thousands of other factors that go into detrmining a website’s search engine position. This quickly turned into an obsession with Pagerank and SEOs and webmasters began finding ways to create backlinks to their websites using artificial linking such as spun article posting, forum and comment spam etc.

As people began abusing PageRank and backlinks, Google cracked down on the issue and Google Penguin update was implemented in 2012 followed by Google Panda. The result was that people who tried black-hat techniques to build backlinks and as a result rank higher, were penalized.

PageRank is still a metric but one which does not weigh as heavily on a website’s searh engine position as it did earlier.Google has made it clear that webmasters should focus more on quality content and building a website which is enjoyable for their visitors. Ultimately, Google wants to display websites that offer a better user experience to users and are of more value to them.

Webmasters should, therefore, focus on creating a good experience for their visitors. Good clean design, an easy to navigate interface and good valuable unique content are all part of the formula and something that Google, today, relies upon more when determining the value of your website to users. When you build a great website keeping the above in mind, backlinks follow.

The best SEO technique, therefore, is to focus on your users!