Improving your website can be tricky for many when it does not really have to be. While many focus on slick graphics and fancy layouts they often miss fundamental but less flashy aspects of web design. The reality is that consumers will look over most of your website before putting down any hard earned cash. So in order to increase customer willingness to spend you must also decrease customer worry and complaints. A simple method to achieving this is by implementing a live chat feature directly onto your website. The benefits to live chat are numerous and by the time you finish reading this article I sincerely hope you implement live chat onto your own site.

Improve and Optimize your Conversion Rate (CRO)

Many studies have shown that having a live chat feature on your website will surely increase your conversion rate. As you may already know measuring the conversion rate allows you to understand just how many visitors you are turning into customers. Live chat increases your CRO considerably as visitors will be far more trusting of a web business that allows them to directly question to their hearts content. It’s important to understand that your increasing your CRO will greatly improve your sales.

Consideration to the Customer

While many business owners feel that what they offer is very simple and easy to understand that’s typically not the case very often. No matter what you sell questions will always be popping up, both asinine and important questions. It’s important to remember that when you are the customer you most likely have questions of your own. Therefore it’s obvious that helping your customers with any questions they may have will only help you out.

Reduction in Calls

While live chat can’t proclaim to eliminate calls altogether it does reduce them by a considerable amount. One study released by Forrester Consulting found that most of the time live chat can deflect calls to support by an astonishing 59%. This reduction in call volume allows you to busy yourself with other ideas that could help your business.

Human Interaction

Live chat may be only text but it’s still a very human connection. If one devotes some time to actually reading through customer feedback then they will be gaining valuable insight as to what areas of their business need some improvement. You don’t have to sit at your desk slogging through hundreds of conversation logs either. Simply instruct your live chat staff to record all customer complaints about anything as well as informing you to positive consumer feedback as well. Overall utilizing true human feedback will only help strengthen your company.

Ease of Installation

Some web owners are not very proficient in actually building or editing a website. This is an understandable dilemma and one that has been thought of by most live chat services. Once you have selected a service and tailored it to your needs you will then need to implement the service onto your webpage. This process is painfully simple as it only requires you to copy and paste some java script onto your webpage. I understand that some of us are technology impaired so if that sounds too difficult you can always live chat with whichever company you choose and get walked through the entire process. This will only serve to solidify your desire for live chat as you will be a witness to its simplicity and ease of use.

Customer Satisfaction

It’s been noted by almost everyone that live chat drastically increases customer satisfaction and the reasons are simple. As I have said before live chats allow any customer to ask questions without needing to busy up their phone line, going through a complicated menu, or being placed on hold. Eliminating these three issues is a huge boon to customer satisfaction and it will result in increased sales and traffic to your website.

Reduced Workforce

Once you have implemented live chat you can then begin to reduce the number of personnel waiting by the phone to help customers. This reduction is painless as live chat has many options that allow a smaller workforce to accomplish the same goals as your previously larger workforce did. The most crucial feature that facilitates this equivalency is the ability of a live chat support employee to conduct multiple support sessions at the same time. In other words, one employee can help out 2 or more customers at the same time. I would suggest that you limit that amount of customers each live chat employee is allowed to handle. This is so you can assure that certain level of quality is met by each support employee can provide.

Powerful Statistics

It’s more than obvious why live chat can be a powerful boon to any company. This is aided by the powerful tools live chat businesses provide. Once you have subscribed to a live chat service you will be able to do things such as track your ROI and even determine your support operator’s performance on the job. All of that information is updated in real time so that you will never be amiss of what’s happening with your business.


Nowadays websites with the intent of selling actual products or services to a consumer will require a live chat feature. This is because of the numerous advantages live chat has for both consumers and business owners. It’s even more obvious that this is the future of support when you simply browse some big companies websites, such as Netgear, and realize that they too utilize live chat.