Google recently announced the launch of “Web Designer” – a visual interactive tool for building HTML5 sites and advertisements to run across multiple devices.

Avaialble as a free download for both, Mac and Windows, Google Web Designer is still in public beta. Web Designer aims to solve the challenge faced by agencies and advertisers when it came to developing ads for the “cross-screen experience”. As Google notes, “there are too many choices to make when developing for mobile — too many platforms, browsers, and devices to build for, and no tools that simplify the development process.“. Web Designer hopes to ease some of the woes of developing for multiple devices.

The code produced by Google Web Designer can be deployed anywhere. Although it does integrate quite well with Google’s DoubleClick Studio and AdMob to assist advertisers using Google’s platform, there are no restrictions for the code to be used in conjunction with those services only.

For the ‘not-so-demanding’ users, Google Web Designer offers a quick animation mode that allows them to build two scenes so it can then tween the images to create a quick animation. A more in-depth approach for designers is also offered where it lets designers animate individual layers and elements. The 3-D authoring tools let designers rotate objects on any axis, adding dimensions to their creations.

In his post, Sean Kranzberg says;

Google Web Designer enables you to:

  1. Create animated HTML5 creative, with a robust, yet intuitive set of design tools.
  2. View and edit the code behind your designs and see your edits reflected back on the stage automatically.
  3. Build ad creatives seamlessly for DoubleClick and AdMob, or publish them to any generic environment you choose.
  4. Receive updates to the product automatically, without having to re-download the application.
  5. Access all of this entirely for free.

While Google Web Designer does not pose an immediate threat to more sophisticated authoring applications with more features, it could see decent adoption which may push some old players in the field, like Adobe, to add more features to their existing tools. Particularly if they wish to keep charging for something Google is giving away for FREE!