There is a battle amongst companies to mark their online presence which is believed to get more intense in the future. In the pursuit to get the best website, companies usually go the wrong way and start believing that complex and advanced features will help them win the battle. But this is a wrong approach, since people who actually buy online look for information and easy to use features. Therefore, companies should aim to develop an uncomplicated website design. This is possible only when one knows the right strategy.

Highlight Major Elements

A company might have loads of information that it wants the visitors to know but then it is more important to know which information is more important to other. This helps in highlighting the strengths and elements. This is essential because visitors always want to know the Unique Selling Proposition of the company so that they can decide which company to choose. Websites that have too much information mixed up fail to attract visitors and are easily ignored.

Eliminate the Redundant Content

The 80-20 principle applies here as well. 20% of the total information which is very important and is highlighted properly can help a company achieve its goals without any problem. This clearly means that 20% of that useful content adds 80% value. It is about eliminating all the reasons which result in non-buyers.

The content must be filtered and then categorized properly. This helps the visitor find information in few clicks and therefore, enhances his interest in the website. Interested visitors can be easily converted to buyers.

Have Fewer Pages and Links

A website should always be designed considering the company’s objective and the buyer’s requirement. If a company is very clear of these two aspects, it will know what all it needs to highlight. This automatically leads to less pages and makes the site much appealing. The features that a visitor might need when he visits the website should be provided. Having more pages is not the right strategy that is for sure. Fewer pages helps a person concentrate on the content and understand it properly. Therefore, the important pages must be placed accordingly.

Use the Upper Portion Effectively

Trends convey that visitors do not prefer scrolling down the page for information. Hence a company must try to put content in the upper portion with all the pages and features. This involves right placement of logo and navigation menu. It is recommended to place the menu bar in the upper portion itself with the sub-categories. Essential buttons like sign-up must be put in the upper portion so that it is able to grab attention.

Use Few Selected Colors

There are numerous shades available when designing a website but then the company must be very selective. Using too many colors can hamper the overall impact and might distract the visitors. Thus, using few colors that give the feel of the company and relates to it is must. The major features and button should be darker or lighter than the background. The color scheme therefore must be chosen after proper research.