As a blogger or simply a SEO enthusiast, you would have realized the importance of having images on your blog in order to spice up the articles. This boosts up the readers’ interest in your writing thereby taking you higher by a few notches in the eyes of Google. However, before you pick an image from the web, you need to know if that image is intended for free use or not. You may end up paying fine if, even by mistake, you happen to use a photograph infringing its copyright laws.

In order to avoid this unknown infringement of laws by you, stay away from copyrighted images and look for ones that are free from such issues.

  1. EverystockPhoto


This website is one of the most popular websites to get free images from and is known as the search engine for free images. The images that you will find here come from various sources but all have the same status as far as their use is concerned. You can create an account on the website for free and tag, comment, upload or simply collect images in your account. Ever since their launch in April 2006, their stock of photos has continuously increased and has crossed a million. The website aims at becoming the leading website for stock exchange photography community.

  1. Flickr

This may not be the best choice for getting a photo, but you can definitely get photos of almost every category here. This website gives the owners of photos right to disable downloading of their photos also.

  1. Stock.XCHNG


This amazing site is likely to be the biggest photo bank on the internet for free images. It has an enormous number of free images on virtually any topic that you can think of, from arts and entertainment to blogging and more. It has recently been acquired by Getty Image and hence you can expect a better image search service on this website.

  1. Free Photos Bank

Free Photo Bank

This is another great site for getting free photos. This website gives you statistics on the most downloaded photos and allows you to download photos without having to register on the website.

  1. Photo Pin

Photo Pin

This is again one of the best websites when it comes to getting top quality, elegant and free photos. However each image that you find here is under creative commons license which necessitates you to link back the photo to the original source when you use it.


Free Digital Photos

The images that you find here are small in size; however the larger size of image is available with the premium account. The small sized images are perfect and completely free of cost.

  1. Foter


Yet another free images collection with a huge bank to find relevant photos for your blog. However, the restriction of giving credit to the photo source applies here too.

  1. Unprofound


If you do not want any restriction on the way that you put the image to use, this is the website for you. It is a huge collection of photos and getting an image impromptu is quite easy.

  1. Comp Fight

Comp Fight

If you have no issues with using creative commons licensed images, this is the website for you. This website has a rather simple and easy way of searching for creative commons licensed photos for your daily content use. The search for photos gets simpler here as it has the ability to search for relevant images from Flickr and combine them with their own images to provide you most relevant pictures.

  1. Morguefile

Morgue File

This website has a massive stock of photos of all kinds. However, there is a restriction on the use of photographs picked up from this website. The photographs can only be used for educational, practical and personal uses and not for commercial purposes. You need to be careful not to end up in a mess by violating the norm mentioned here.

  1. Stockvault


This website was launched in 2004 and ever since then it has carved a niche for itself as a website for students, photographers and graphic designers. These three categories of professionals can share images free of cost. Currently they have more than 30,000 free images to choose from.

  1. FreeFoto

Free Foto

This website has a collection of over 100,000 photos available for free. Here also, like a few other websites, you need to provide attribution and place a link to the source when you use the photo.

Shutterstock and Depositphotos are other two websites where you can find a good collection of images for your blog.

If you found this article useful, I’m sure you will enjoy this list of 74 free stock photo resources.

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